Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Applying Nietzsche's "The Birth of Tragedy" to "Saved By the Bell"

 Nowadays we don't have any direct understanding of myth, but we can understand it somewhat through the context of history.

 Here we see Carrie play the role of the "Greek chorus". Although it is only one actor (traditionally a Greek chorus consists of two or more actors outside the action), the role of this narration is to provide context to the story and give an idea of what is about to happen.
 In our modern Socratic society we shun art and drama in favour of the pursuit of knowledge.
 Nietzsche would be so proud, as he believed that to save modern culture from self-destruction we had to bring back the spirit of tragedy. Dead frogs...
 ...lack of school supplies...

 ...failing a class due to your moral beliefs about dissecting frogs.

 A classic Dionysian response, giving free rein to ones impulses, passions and emotions.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Life Lessons from Regular Show Season 1


 The lesson: The only way to get what you want is to be innovative and determined. Sometimes this will involve magic keyboards. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and if you're going to use your magic keyboard to go to the moon make sure you bring spare batteries.
 The lesson: "Out of Order" signs will not stop anyone. If you know that you have an arcade machine that can summon devil-esque creatures, make a sign to that effect. It's like the way I label my bottles of alcohol and jars of Nutella with the message "touch this and I will gouge your eyes out xoxo."
 The lesson: People may think that this episode could be taken as a lesson on how you shouldn't drink too much caffeine, but I beg to differ. Things only go badly once they drink chamomile tea. 
 The lesson: Only bad people have mullets.
 The lesson: If someone doesn't want to celebrate their birthday, respect their wishes. Or else you might end up destroying their eternal youth.
 The lesson: If you don't know how long the hot dogs have been in the freezer, they're probably evil.
 The lesson: Grilled cheese sandwiches actually solve EVERYTHING.
 The lesson: Bros before hoes is really really stupid.
 The lesson: Eighties clothes are a fate worse than death. Keep this in mind for the next time you need to get revenge on someone.
 The lesson: Accountants are way more badass than we give them credit for. Audits are way more intense than you would think. Hugs solve everything.
 The lesson: Too much junk food and excessive exercise are both not good for you and will result in life as a gelatinous blob.
The lesson: People will like you if you're cool and in a band. People will like you even more if you banish your douchey future selves who lip-sync and pretend to be cool. 

Episode synopses taken from Wikipedia

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Lifehacker Obsession

In which Grace chronicles her constant attempts to be a better person by obsessively reading every single article on Lifehacker, thoroughly convinced that she will learn all of the skills.

My Secret to Reading a Lot of Books
I like books. I don't read books a lot, though. Blah blah blah busy blah blah blah. But over summer, everything will change! I will have time! Will be great, will be so cultured!
And then Grace failed half her exams. So I get to spend my summer reading theology tomes that I should have read during the year, but no. I guess the keeping notes section of the article still applies, though...

So once I manage to actually pass my course and graduate and all that shizz, I'm supposed to validate how my knowledge of Descartes and camera angles makes me qualified to do...anything? Very funny, we all know I'll become an author or an ~actor or something fabulous. Or I could get into business, like this theology student did.
Get back to me on that.

1. Think About Where You'll Be in Five Years. Hopefully feeling like I'm twenty-two, not twenty-four. Hopefully living in not-Dublin. Hopefully working in something creative, not a call centre. Hopefully will have bought new clothes.
2. Write Your Personal Manifesto. 
Dear Grace, 
Looking forward, to twenty-four year-old you, there are a number of things that need to happen. For one, you need to balance your love of pizza with being a relatively healthy human being. Just like you need to balance your wine drinking with not being a wreck of a person who decides to share all her emotions with ex-boyfriends. You need to start actually paying attention to college, along with keeping your job so you can continue to pay rent. You need to spend both more and less time on the internet. More time learning things and writing and figuring just what it is that interests you. Less time stalking ex-boyfriend's social media. At some point you will be able to explain your vegetarianism and what exactly you think of Jack Kerourac and how awful it is to grow up in a religious country without religion and why you will never think of Katy Perry as a guilty pleasure. This will be around the time you actually become successful with something creative, as opposed to sitting in your room summoning the energy to write blog posts and attend acting courses as you wonder whether you should have just done fecking Business. This will also neatly coincide with you not ruining relationships, sorting out your hair, buying an actual camera so you can stop using the Instagram app on your awful smartphone, and being able to talk to people without pretending to be modest.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Depressing Realities of Adulthood

1. Cereal. Cereal is something you take for granted when you live with your parents and it's just there for breakfast eating. The first time I went grocery shopping I nearly cried because cereal is sneakily expensive. Cereal is something you wouldn't think of as a luxury, but buying Coco Pops is a really big deal for me.
2. Outgrowing your sweet tooth
3. .I never understood how people "didn't have enough time to read". Maybe it's the only child thing of being alone a lot or I was just destined to be a bookworm, but I always found time to read even during Sixth Year when it felt like there wasn't even enough time to sleep.  Now between working and college and Trying to Figure Out What I Want to Do with My Life and living with four of my friends it's becoming increasingly difficult to find chunks of time to sit down with a book.
4. Speaking of Trying to Figure Out What I Want to Do with My Life...
5. The stomach-churning anxiety of checking my bank balance because WHAT IF I ACCIDENTALLY SPENT MY RENT MONEY?!
6. Feeling like Girls applies to your life just a little bit too much.
7. The constant dilemma of whether to buy pizza or healthy food for dinner.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A List of Things that Consistently Blow My Mind

1. R. L. Stine is a real person i.e. not a ghost writer. Unlike all the other 90's book series, one person actually wrote all of them. Even the choose your own adventure ones. HE MADE A CAMEO IN THE TV SHOW.
2. Italy is clearly my spiritual home because they have laws safeguarding what can and cannot be called traditional Italian pizza.
3. In the Tintin comics, Hergé made up a few countries and languages. There were gems like "Bab El Ehr": blabber.
4. You can tame hedgehogs. That is all.