Monday, 10 December 2012

Writing an Essay, an Introduction to Insanity

Thoughts that went through my head whilst pulling an all-nighter:

  1. Who needs sleep? This is what college life is all about. Woo! So pumped. This will be done by 6am.
  2. Coffee.
  3. More coffee.
  4. Wow, I've written 300 words in 3 hours. Only 2200 more to go...
  5. Why is Film Studies even a subject?
  6. Maybe I could drop it.
  7. Coffee.
  8. Oh god, I'm going to have to drop out of college.
  9. Dropping out wouldn't be so bad.
  10. I never want to see another film again.
  11. Coffee.
  12. I need a Nutella break. The sugar rush will help me.
  13. Get off my keyboard, cat. 
  14. The cat would probably write a better essay.
  15. Coffee.
  17. OK, just push on through.
  18. Brick wall.
  19. Coffee.
  20. OK, I'll sleep for two hours, go to my lecture, THEN finish the essay.
  21. What time is it?!
  22. I'll stay at home all day and miss my lectures and write this essay.
  23. I swear to god I'll become more organised.
  24. Oh look, I'm going to GO OVER THE WORD COUNT. AAGGGHHH.

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